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Back, Bigger, Better 2010

Along with the struggles that the economic downturn has placed on core services and spending, it has also greatly affected the musical arts and arts in general. Many of the established arts and entertainment organizations in the region, who have had the loyal support of long-standing contributors, are being faced with the hardships brought about by our current economic climate. Some have closed or are going out of business after this season.

For this reason, the Norwalk Jazz Festival will be postponed this season. The board of directors is continuing to plan for years of great festival events to come.

You Can Make a Difference

If you too will miss the Norwalk Jazz Festival this year, help us to plan for next year. Your contribution to support the production of the event will help us greatly. To become a sponsor contact us at or call Herbert A. Grant at
203-219-6421 for more details.

If you can only attend, be sure to check out this website in months to come and tell your friends, family and colleagues to join you for the next great Norwalk Jazz Festival.

Stay tuned

We’ll see you on July 12, 2010 in Norwalk! Contact Us if you have any questions.